20 January, 2010

Directions to the Temple

The normal temple timings are from 07:30 AM to 12:00 Noon and from 4.30 PM to 7.30 PM and open on all days.

The phone number is 044 27400863 but you may not get proper connection as WLL connectivity in village is poor.

The temple situated 5 Kms from Singaperumal Koil and 3 Kms from the Mahindra World City (take road right opposite to the Mahendra World City entrance).

Route 1:-
Take a local train till Tambaram. Catch a bus from the station to SinghaPerumalKovil.(SingaPerumalKoil is 48 km from Chennai on the National Highway to Chengalpattu)And then take an auto from there to Chettipuniyam.

Route 2:-
If driving from Chennai,take the National Highway to Chengalpattu.Keep going towards Mahindra City.Take a right and follow the only path resembling a road into the village.During major events (Hayagrivar Jayanthi and Sri Vidya Dosha Nivarti Sankalpana Homam )Vehicles are not allowed till the temple entrance as it will clog the roads.You can park at designated areas and walk it down to the temple.


  1. The temple is conducting a Spl Archanai on 29th Jan 2012 under the blessings of Sri AM Rajagopalan. One has to book for this archanai at Executive Officer, Arulmigu Devanathaswamy Thirukoil, Chettippunniyam Village, Chingleput Taluk,Kancheepuram Dist., Tamil Nadu – 603 204. For more details, please contact Chettippunniyam Temple +918675127999 or the SYHSS Trust at +914428173263 & yogahayagriva@gmail.com

  2. Good Day / Namaskaram

    This year the Vidya Abhivirthi Sankalpa Archanai has been scheduled for Sunday, 05th January 2014 from 7.00 AM.

    Devotees can register with their details needed for Archanai (Name, Gothram & Nakshartam / Birth star) and the cost of Rs. 50/- for one Archanai with their complete mailing address.

    The Prasadams (Hayagreevar photo, Rakshai, Pen, Kungumam etc…) would be mailed (within India only).

    Registration can be done at temple or by sending money by way of MO or DD (drawn in favor of EO, Arulmigu Devanathaswamy Temple, Payable Chengalput or Chennai) to the Temple at

    Executive Officer
    Arulmigu Devanathaswamy Thirukoil,
    Chettippunniyam Village, Chengalput Taluk,
    Kancheepuram Dist., Tamil Nadu – 603 204

    Please note that Prasadams will be mailed only with advance registration. Kindly avoid sending cheques as some of them are NOT honoured by the bank for some issue or the other and temple looses money,

    For devotees who come on 05th Jan and purchase the ticket, Prasadams will have to be collected at the temple. Only limited number of tickets will be available on the day.

    For more details, please contact Chettippunniyam Temple +918675127999 or +919942993770.

  3. when is this year's (2015) Vidya Abhivirthi Sankalpa Archanai

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  6. Sir, I want to know the auspucious day to come to Sri Yoga Hayagreevar temple ( i.e friday for sri Lakshmi Kuberar, etc.) for my daughter to come & place her +1 &+2 books on the feet of Sri Yoga Hayagreevar & get blessings.